The thunderous sounds of pins crashing to the floor is once again being heard at Coffs Coast Kegel.

The family entertainment zone located behind the Coffs Harbour South service centre has been closed for 14 months but Andrew Sales has put his money where his hard work is.

Over the past few years Mr Sales has designed a new software program for Kegel scoring that is being used in centres around Australia.

And there's more to the Kegel software than meets the eye, considering the variety of game styles available to a playing group.  "There are 30 different game types and some of them have an element of luck involved which means a three-year-old can beat an adult," Mr Sales said.

"Predominantly what we find is people prefer this over tenpin because of the game varieties, they're not playing the same game all of the time."

The new owner said having games where the kids can win against the grown ups is a true attraction.

"It's something for the whole family," he said. With the school holidays here, that's good news for parents looking for activities their children can enjoy. There's more to Coffs Coast Kegel than knocking over nine pins though. 

The cost of a lane at Coffs Coast Kegel is $40 per hour with each lane able to cater for as many as eight players at a time.

With a group that size, it means eight people can have an hour of fun for only $5 each.

"It's the only centre in NSW but now it's probably the most up-to-date centre in the world," he boasted.